Screenshot Saturday Featuring Battle Axe, WarriOrb, More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Not exactly as epic as Super Bowl Sunday, but at least it pops up more regularly and has more games! Upcoming games, mind you, given little promotions via the #screenshotsaturday tag, but multiple games nonetheless, and promising ones at that! This week sees another fresh crop of titles that we’ve selected, so let’s not waste any time and drive right into things…

No Straight Roads- We’ve all heard tales of stereotypical ’80s parents who can’t stand the loud rock music produced by the young’uns and whatnot. Typically, though, these tales don’t involve a giant nature spirit pissed about their child actually being attacked by the power of rock. But the more traditional versions don’t exactly make for what appears to be an amazing boss battle in a rhythm-based action game, so there.

Spiritfarer- This may be a cozy and emotional game about managing your ship and making passengers feel comfortable before they’re ready to pass on into the afterlife, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t have some killer swashbuckling moves that allow you to get around the ship and various locales faster. We get some gorgeous animation, fast gameplay, and one kickass hat to boot.

The Knightwitch- Considering that the developer’s previous game, Rise and Shine, was all about poking fun at various video game tropes, they would indeed definitely know a lot about basics such as secret rooms. But considering the mystery at the core here that involves black magic, an underground kingdom, and a missing husband, one has to wonder if the secrets are going to be a bit more special…

Battle Axe- Well, when even your character select screen has some rather amazing pixel art, you know a ton of work is going into everything. But if you want to see even more amazement from this top-down arcade throwback, we suggest checking out the Kickstarter campaign, as seen in the tweet’s link. Truly some impressive and gorgeous action, so here’s hoping it reaches its goal.

WarriOrb- It’s been quite a while since WarriOrb was last featured in Screenshot Saturday. And since then, the main character seems to have received a more colorful redesign, which certainly feels like it’s for the better, allowing them to stand out more and provide a greater contrast with the setting. But the core gameplay involving our demonic ball being able to bounce around remains unaltered, still allowing for nifty puzzle moments like this.

I, Dracula: Genesis- Technically this Screenshot Saturday entry revolves around an eleven-minute video showcasing this twin-stick shooter’s gameplay, but even this one short clip is eye-catching thanks to its gorgeous artwork. I mean, it doesn’t quite showcase the parts where you battle Dracula’s minions in a most-apocalyptic world, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Drake Hollow- When crafting a large world in a video game, fantasy or otherwise, it’s important to consider the means of travel when it comes to getting around. So god bless whichever member of the development team here thought that Jet Set Radio-style grinding was the best solution, because it looks incredible. And bonus points for somehow bringing ghosts into the mix as well.

Coda- So in our second game this week about voyages to the afterlife aboard fantasy boats that contain anthropomorphic animals (strange minds think alike, of course), a coyote ferryman guides you on a journey where time moves forward every time you blink. And apparently you may find yourself surrounded by a swarm of birds hit by an oil spill when you do so. So at the very least, this game’s setup certainly has my full attention with something like that.

Vernal Edge- When your action platformer cites Devil May Cry as one of its influences, one can’t help but expect a level of flash, finesse, and fast-paced fun when it comes to the combat. And clearly, this game is more than aiming to meet those expectations, even if you’re just wailing on some training dummies.

Kunai- Well, this is going to be the last time this promising metroidvania game pops up here before its release next week, but at least its going out with a bang, showcasing a bit of slick action and movement based around the titular weapons. So here’s hoping our tablet-headed hero’s trip to the big leagues is filled with several bits as cool as these.

Skul: The Hero Slayer- Okay, in their corner, a twenty-foot bio-organic Cerberus designed to rip apart anything that approaches them. In our corner, a lone skeleton with the power to swap skulls. Yeah, I think we can take them.