Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Introduces Revenant, Sentinel

Apex Legends’ fourth season, dubbed “Assimilation,” hits the game tomorrow, and there’s a decent amount of new content coming with it. Out of everything getting added, fans will likely find the game’s newest legend, “Revenant,” to be the most compelling. This skull-faced robotic assassin brings several unique abilities to World’s Edge, including wall-climbing and a dampening portal. See him in action in the new trailer below.

Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation is also adding a brand new sniper rifle, the Sentinel, to the weapon pool. This bolt-action rifle sports a unique charging mechanic which grants the wielder the capacity for both fast, light-damage shots and slow, heavy-damage blows. Fans will also have a new Battle Pass to grind through as well as the chance for glory in Ranked Series Three. Lastly, players have until February 14 to claim their Apex Legend anniversary gift of a Year One Origami Flyer Charm, Year One Loyalty Badge and 10k XP for their first match of the new season.