Metal Unit Early Access Trailer Reporting for Duty

The world has ended again, but, as is traditional for the situation, a plucky band of survivors holds the key to humanity fighting back from the brink of extinction.  This time it’s particularly dire, though, with aliens on top and monsters from below squeezing the survivors between the dual assaults.  The newest soldier in the fight is Joanna, who can wear a killer suit of robo-armor that combines speed and weapon combos to trash anything it comes across in an endless action combo.

Metal Unit released on Early Access today and it’s a pixel-art assault across the world and into its depths, searching out better gear to survive the monstrous threats of the levels ahead.  Death resets most progress but converts gear into currency that can be used before the next run, but even so you’ll need to farm the lower levels rather than jump right back to where you left off, which is standard for the genre.  The launch trailer shows off the action (plus a protagonist who seems to think she needs to hold her chest down so it doesn’t float away) and it looks fast, chaotic, and nicely destructive, with an atypical soundtrack that makes a nice change from what you might expect.  Check it out (and give a listen) below to see it in action.