The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter Kicks Off, Clears New Platform Goals

Well that didn’t take long at all. The rumor launched late last week that the WiiU classic Wonderful 101 was going to receive a Kickstarter on Monday and sure enough, here it is.  Not only did it just go live a few minutes ago the campaign has already cleared its first goal of $50,000 and well on the way to the first stretch goal of $250,000 for a Steam release (check that, cleared the Steam goal), and at this rate won’t have much trouble hitting the $500,000 necessary for a PS4 version. And here’s the PS4 version confirmed as well, just two hours after the campaign start.

The Wonderful 101 was a bit of a beautiful failure on release, bombing in developer Platinum’s home territory of Japan and doing only marginally better elsewhere.  Despite this the game kept picking up fans over time, and remained a favorite of the developer.  In it you start as a mild-mannered teacher taking his class out on a field trip when all of a sudden the alien invasion attacks!  After shepherding his wards to safety and then getting separated, he transforms into Wonder-Red, part of a worldwide network of 100 heroes keeping Earth safe from any threats that may arise.  And then things get rapidly out of hand as he gathers up helpers and fights the invaders like a mega-action Pikmin brigade.  The Wonderful 101 was over-the-top ridiculous in all the best ways, as well as being a truly fantastic action game, and it’s long past time the game got a second chance at success.

The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter is running right now and good for 31 days.  In the time writing this the campaign has jumped from slightly under its $50,000 goal to $200,000-ish, and one of the reward tiers is a physical version of the game with exclusive box art.  Also, you can choose to get blocked on twitter by Hideki Kamiya, joining en elite group of just about everybody.  Point is, there are some fun rewards (including an epic red leather jacket (never mind, that tier is sold out) and goals in store, so head on over and help The Wonderful 101 earn the recognition it couldn’t quite manage the first time around.