BigBen Interactive’s Nacon Acquires RIG Brand from Plantronics

Plantronics’s RIG line has provided some of the best-built gaming headsets on the market for quite some time. Meanwhile, BigBen’s Nacon brand has built up a reputation for things like high-quality controllers – like their PS4-centric Elite-style controller a couple of years ago. Today, it was announced that Nacon has purchased the RIG line of headsets from Plantronics in a deal that is expected to be fully executed in March. The goal is to use the RIG brand to build Nacon’s name up in the American market, where it’s at its strongest. As time goes on, we’ll see just what this means. It could mean that the headsets will lose the Plantronics branding and just go by RIG, or they’ll be rebranded as Nacon RIG. Either way, this is a pretty big acquisition for Nacon and should allow them to finally get a solid foothold in America.