Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Post-Release 2.0 Update Now Available

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has provided fast-paced fighting action since its release last year. Both its digital and later physical release pleased longtime fans of the series, while bringing some fans back after a long absence. The core game was a limited, but now features double the playable roster — bringing it to eighteen characters alongside three new arenas, a story mode, cross-play and cross-progression across PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC and voiceover work by the original cast. Beyond that, two seasons of DLC content have also been released to add more content to the experience.

V2 opens up crossplay while adding in online lobbies and a spectator mode. The core game is available on all platforms for only $19.99, and offers a lot of value for that minimal pricetag. You can also get a physical version on PS4 and Switch that includes some physical goodies for a full-on $59.99, with a complete manual and artbook. The cover art is reversible as well and looks more like a mini-poster than cover art for a game and two seasons of DLC content included on either the disc or cartridge.

It’s easily the best Power Rangers game since the franchise’s early ’90s heyday as a pop culture mainstay and possibly the greatest game in the series ever in terms of polish.