Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Patch 5.2 Dated and Detailed Further

Today we had the second part of the Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter that adds additional changes and additions to the upcoming patch. For starters, while the community pretty much knew its release date, Square Enix made it official in stating that 5.2 will launch on February 18.

Final Fantasy XIV has been in a bit of a dry spell for endgame players, but with this, hopefully it will keep them busy for the next few months.

Patch 5.2

  • New Main Scenario Quests – Heavy implications of another Ascian possessing a beloved figure.
  • New Dungeon “Anamesis Ayder”
  • New Trial “Cinder Drift” – Has players face off against Garlemald’s latest toy, Ruby Weapon. This will also have an Extreme version with weapon drops.
  • New Raid “Eden’s Verse”
    • Light and Dark Creature
    • A Pterocentaur Ramuh
    • Familiar Garuda + Humanoid/Demon Ifrit
    • ?????
  • New Gatherers Beast Tribe: Qitari
    • The Great Serpent of Ronka Mount (SCREE!)
  • Crafting and Gathering Changes
    • Relic Quest for Crafters and Gatherers (Skysteel Tools)
    • Company Workshop crafting can now be soloed
  • Ocean Fishing
    • 24-player boat instance that brings you out to sea where you can fish unique fish
  • Adjustments to Jobs such as Red Mage and Warrior
  • Umbrellas have been added – Mainly a cosmetic feature that protect you from rain
  • Waymarkers added, now you can have up to 8 on the field
  • Converting an Item for Materia will no longer mean the weapon is destroyed
  • Free Company Rank going all the way up to 30 with an increase in the company chest

Patch 5.21

  • Ishgardian Restoration
    • New Recipes
    • New Mount: Dhalmel (Giraffe-like creature)
    • New Emote: Bread Eating
    • Kupo Scratch Cards
    • Leaderboards every 10 Days per Server
  • Diadem
    • Requires Level 17 Gatherer
    • Obtain Experience and Skybuilder Scrips
    • Charged Ability used to kill docile monsters and harvest materials from them

Patch 5.25

  • New Relic “Resistance” Weapon Questline
    • Takes place in the Garlemald annexed Hrothgar capital, Bozja Citadel
    • Will be a little more like traditional Relic Quests
    • Will continue in 5.35 with a new Eureka-esque instance being introduced


Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2020/2021 Dates and Locations

  • North America: San Diego, CA / San Diego Convention Center – November 6-7
  • Japan: Nagoya, Japan / Aichi Sky Expo – December 19-20
  • Europe: London, UK / ExCeL London – February 20-21 (2021)


I personally am very interested in how how the Bozja Citadel “Resistance Weapon” Quest will do. As some of you know, I’m actually a fan of Eureka, and it looks like they’re splitting it up a bit, having the relic weaponry being less tied to the community activities. That and the new instanced areas won’t be coming until Patch 5.35.