Metro Exodus Arrives on Steam a Year After Epic Games Store Launch

4A Games today announced that Metro Exodus will finally launch on Steam a year after it launched on Epic Games Store.

Nearly two weeks from release back in 2019, publisher Deep Silver made an announcement. Metro Exodus would not launch on the Steam and Epic Games Store simultaneously. Instead, the publisher cut a timed-exclusivity deal with Epic Games where they removed Metro Exodus from Steam. This was despite the fact that many players already pre-ordered the game on the platform. It was not a happy time. Now, a year later, the game is finally coming to Steam. It hit the Windows Game Store back in June 2019.

Taking to Twitter, 4A Games announced a February 15 release date on Steam. No pricing info was provided.

Despite the highly controversial nature of Exodus’ release, the game was quite good. Beautiful, fun to play, and a solid evolution of the Metro formula, we found Exodus to be quite a cohesive package.

Metro Exodus is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. While the game isn’t coming to Switch, a remastered version of the first two titles arrives on Nintendo’s platform later this month.