Dead Static Drive Rolls Up With a New Teaser

Grand Theft Cthulhu. There are probably many ways to describe developer Fanclub’s upcoming game Dead Static Drive, but they seem to have already summed it up perfectly in just three words. The action-adventure game sees you traveling across the country through Route 66-style landscapes and highways in the hopes of reaching your family, so that you may hopefully work with them to to halt the otherworldly menaces that are invading. You know, your standard road trip.

The new teaser for the game, shown below, shows off a lot of driving action and of the threats you’ll be facing, underground or otherwise, all set to some rather ominous music. But it also shows that there’s still room for levity, as seen with the ability to wear a traffic cone as a hat or failure to get a gas nozzle to your car. Certainly some interesting stuff that’s been in the works for a while. We don’t have a release window for Dead Static Drive yet, just that it’s “coming soon” to PC and XB1.