Screenshot Saturday Featuring Not For Broadcast, Hundred Days, More

Well, time for another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, several developers and others working in the gaming industry take to social media in order to provide little glimpses into their latest work, using the #screenshotsaturday tag. It’s a quick and effective little bit of promotion, and as usual, we’ve gathered some of the latest posts that stood out in various ways. And as I cannot think of any sort of jokes that ties the Academy Awards into this, let’s just end the introduction already and get on with the show!

Not For Broadcast- I’ve spent a good amount of time with the dystopian broadcast simulator here during this past week, but I haven’t had the time to go over all of the behind-the-scenes footage after each chapter yet. Indeed, it makes you wonder how things would go down if you ended up cutting away to some true opinions during live events. As for what they’re reacting to…well, all I can say it’s the basis for some damn good satire that could make for one of 2021’s best games.

The Last Friend- What we have here is a hybrid of tower defense and beat-’em-up games, and the latter half of that combo means that skill-testing bosses will definitely be included. And here we see a sneak peek of one, putting up what appears to certainly be a fun challenge. “Legit” here was also apparently a former streamer before the events of the game, meaning that Borderlands 3 may no longer have the only post-apocalyptic streamer villains after this.

The Wild at Heart- Well, to be fair, a smart phone probably would be more portable than a shiny rock of that size. Then again, it also probably wouldn’t allow you to talk with a kettle-headed man while also allowing you to wow the tiny denizens of a vibrant fantasy world, and that would probably be worth sacrificing portability for.

Hundred Days- Now, some might say that a simulation game where you run a winery doesn’t sound too exciting…then again, one could say the same about a game where you play as an editor for a news program, and I just sang the praises of that moments ago. And as seen here, the developers are clearly putting a lot of work into getting all of the various details right, so this should be an interesting title to check out.

Tilt Pack- If Gang Beasts has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a ton of fun to be had with physics-based brawlers and party games. And this Switch-exclusive title takes a unique approach by turning every character you control into various rectangles, which as seen here, means having to properly flip yourself and other around in order to become the last block standing.

Bake ‘n Switch- Now, my first thought seeing this was to question why you wouldn’t just use the lightning in order to try cooking the little dough creatures that you’re sacrificing anyway as the goal for this game. But when you have potential slug-like threats crawling around, best not to let them live and taint your potential baked offerings.

Last Oasis- For a nomadic survival game that takes place in a world that’s mostly getting either scorched by a blistered sun or locked into a deep freeze, it still manages to produce some delicious-looking fruit that you’ll need to survive. I mean, it may be hard to survive while on a potential high, but that’s a risk you’ll have to take.

Lazr- Because it doesn’t feel like a retro platformer these days unless you include a few features for the speedrunning crowd. But aside from showing off some amazing action, this clip also demonstrates its “cybercloth” physics and aesthetics as well, which look quite incredible. So consider checking out the game’s Kickstarter campaign if you’re interested in what you see.

Wavey the Rocket- And now we have a side-scrolling arcade game about a sentient rocket attempting to stop the moon from being destroyed by a corporation that removes fizz from soda, all set to hip-hop, because this is normal in indie games now. All kidding aside, the gameplay based around controlling wavelengths that you travel across looks quite unique and fun, so here’s hoping for the best.

Airborne Kingdom- While you may be taking your entire city to the skies in this game, as the title clearly points out, you will still be traveling over several beautiful landscapes and grounded cities like this. So I don’t exactly know how one parks a flying city, but yeah, it may be worth stopping to check out locations like this.