Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash Grooves Towards Release

It’s been a while since Ulala last strode across the Morolians’ path, dancing her way to victory over the goofy alien invaders.  Space Channel 5 and its sequel have been ported to multiple consoles over the years, including somehow the GBA, but the last fully new adventure was Space Channel 5 Part 2 way back in 2002.  Eighteen years is more than a long enough wait for one of Sega’s most iconic characters, though, so finally it’s time for Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash, complete with the newly-revealed PSVR release date of February 25.

SC5VR starts off in the tv station of the title, placing you in the gogo boots of an intrepid space reporter intern, thrust into a situation far outside your lack-of-pay grade.  The aliens have come and can only be defeated by dance, which has gotten a slight tweak from the series’ original presentation.  Instead of the aliens dictating things it’s now Ulala in the lead, calling out and demonstrating the string of moves and poses for you to follow along with.  It’s a system that makes sense for VR, because otherwise you’d be behind Ulala’s eyes and never be able to see her on screen.  I got a little hands-on time with an early version last April at PAX East so for further impressions see here.  The short version is that even in a limited demo it was a  ton of fun, and I’ve been looking forward to more ever since.

The February 25 release is PSVR-only, but there are versions on the way for Steam VR and Oculus Quest that have yet to be dated.  For now, though, there’s a nice release trailer below showing the retro-future dancing action in motion.