Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 Hits February 28

More fighters will soon be joining the fray in Dragon Ball FighterZ. In fact, the first member of FighterZ Pass 3 will be here before the month is out. Fans who enjoyed the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super will surely be thrilled to see that Bandai Namco is kicking this newest pass off with Kefla, the fused saiyan from Universe Six. Following her sometime this spring is Ultra-Instinct Goku, who must surely be the last new Goku coming to the game since there’s no topping Ultra-Instinct, right? See them both in action below.

Kefla and Ultra-Instict Goku are only the first of a total of five fighters coming to the game through FighterZ Pass 3. Bandai-Namco hasn’t said anything about the three unrevealed fighters yet, but fans can probably rest easy knowing that the newest Goku has already been announced.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Check out our review to see how it stacks up against the Dragon Ball games of the past.