Indie Megabooth Lineup Unveiled for PAX East 2020

Well, it’s that time again. PAX East 2020 is just over two weeks away, and thus it’s time for one of the signature highlights of any PAX, the Indie Megabooth, to reveal its lineup for this year. Boasting seventy-nine games from eighteen different countries (including one game yet to be announced), there’s certainly going to be someone per everyone, per tradition. Need proof? Well, that’s what the trailer below is for, which shows off just what games attendees can expect.

So, what would be some of the highlights this year? Well, there’s Spiritfarer, Session, Rising Hell, Moving Out, Drake Hollow, Embr, and Knuckle Sandwich, to name a few. Not to mention the Minibooth, which will have titles such as The Big Con and Legend of Keepers on Thursday and Friday, and The Wild at Heart and Calico on Saturday and Sunday. You can check out the lineup in greater detail at the official Indie Megabooth site, and at least a third of the games set to appear have been featured here in Screenshot Saturday,  so consider that a bit of an endorsement. So if you’re attending PAX East from February 27 to March 1, make sure to drop by and treat yourself to some potential indie gems.