Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Begins Today

Artyom’s group in Metro Exodus is filled with all sorts of folk. Most, like Artyom and his wife, simply want to start a new life in a safe place outside the metro system. For others like Sam Taylor, it’s not quite so simple. Sam was a US Marine before he joined up with the Spartan Rangers, and now he’s taking trying to return to the home he thought he’d never see again. “Sam’s Story” is sure to be a journey filled with danger, and it’s one fans can embark on right now if they so choose.

The Sam’s Story DLC takes Sam to the partially sunken port city of Vladivostok. It’s here among the crumbling ruins and crashing waves that Sam has to find a way to return back across the Pacific while also fighting both man and mutant to stay alive. Vladivostok offers players a new sandbox space to play around in, as well as new enemies and weapons with which to dispatch them. It’s a hostile place to be sure, but one cannot help but feel Sam capable of bringing his story to a satisfying conclusion.

Metro Exodus is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The games two major DLC chapters, “The Two Colonels” and now “Sam’s Story” are also available on these platforms.