Bloodroots Reveals Release Date in New Trailer

Paper Cult Games have wowed quite a few so far (including us) with Bloodroots, their stylistic and fast-paced action game about revenge. After all, when you mix Hotline Miami, Jackie Chan, and Samurai Jack in a blender, the results are certainly bound to at least be interesting. Alas, though, Bloodroots missed its initial Summer 2019 release window, leaving a bit of a hole in our hearts…until now. A new trailer provides us with a new release date, and now we only have just over two weeks until we can experience the full joy of killing a man with a carrot.

Aside from providing us with the release date, the new trailer also shows us the betrayal of our protagonist, Mr. Wolf, that kicks off the story. And then it immediately segues into the action, showing off just how you’ll be able to kill anyone with anything. This includes skulls, axes, fish, bigger fish, mugs, chairs, and yes, even an expy of Kuribo’s Shoe. All of this taking place in an anachronistic Weird West setting with several dashes of over-the-top black comedy. Bloodroots is due out on February 28 for Switch, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store, and should definitely be worth checking out.