Mosaic Commutes to PlayStation 4 Today

Krillbite’s surreal take on corporate culture and modern technology hits the PlayStation 4 today. Mosiac gives players a look into a lonely office worker’s daily routine: commute to work through a dark, crowded city, take their place as a cog in the corporate machine for a few hours then return home to an empty domicile. However, one day something different happens, something that challenges this person to start expanding their horizons beyond the confines of their boring life.

Mosiac offers players an experience driven mostly by atmosphere and some light puzzle-solving elements. While not quite enough to reach the lofty heights it aspires to, Mosaic may still be worth a bit of time for those looking to play something that’s a little off the beaten path.

Mosiac is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices.