Rose City Games To Bring ’80s Tech To Deck-Building With Floppy Knights

Well, Portland-based developers Rose City Games have quite a bit on their table right now. They have their twin-stick shooter Cat Lady in Early Access, they’re working on the adventure/RPG game Garden Story, and now they’ve announced yet another game to keep an eye out for. That would be Floppy Knights, a mix of turn-based tactics and deck-building  that doubles as a mix of fantasy and retro technology, which you can check out in the announcement trailer below.

If things seem a bit familiar, there’s a reason for that. The game’s world was conceived and hand-drawn by Marlowe Dobbe, who provided the artwork for another one of last year’s hit deck-builders, Dicey Dungeons. But now we get to see their work combined with gameplay more similar to titles like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem as well, and it looks this should hopefully result in something interesting as well. We’ll see later this month when Floppy Knights makes its debut at PAX East 2020, before it hits PCs later this year with a publishing assist from Those Awesome Guys.