Taking to the Neon Skies in Cloudpunk Console Trailer

Nivalis is an amazing city, from the grounded depths to the towering sky-gardens sticking up into the clouds.  It teems with humanity in every social strata, rich to poor and noble to degenerate, and everyone has a story to tell. The person who gets to hear them is the one who listens, and in the case of Cloudpunk that’s the delivery driver Rania.  It’s her first day on the job with the kinda/sorta-legal delivery company Cloudpunk that gives the game its name, and in addition to being fast at her job and exploratory between missions, she’s also getting involved with Nivalis’ people.  It’s a beautiful city but it wouldn’t be cyberpunk if it wasn’t broken in fundamental ways, and it’s going to take more than civic reforms to expose the rot that erode’s Nivalis’ heart.

Cloudpunk has been in the works for a while and as of today it’s officially coming not just to PC but also Switch, PS4, and Xbox One as well.  The neon-voxel city is scheduled to open its streets and skyways some time this year, but for now it’s got a brand-new trailer to get you ready for the work of a delivery driver who’d probably be a lot happier if she could just transport things, rather than getting caught up in the many lives of the people who need her services.