Devil May Cry 5 Crosses Three Million Units Sold to Become Best-Selling DMC Title

Last year’s Devil May Cry marked a return to form for the franchise, with our review calling it “slick, stylish and sensational” and the game breaching the top three of our best games of 2019.

Looks like this critical and fan acclaim has translated into strong sales, as Capcom shared that Devil May Cry 5 has now reached 3.1 million total units sold less than one year after its initial release. This grand total has surpassed Devil May Cry 4’s three million copies to make it the best-selling Devil May Cry game to date, with total sales for the series having reached 21 million.

These strong numbers likely bodes well for another entry in the charismatic character action game in the years to come, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for the latest Devil May Cry news.