Square Enix Debuts Stunning Opening Cinematic for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix today dropped the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII Remake, showcasing what fans can expect when they boot up the game.

When players first boot up Final Fantasy VII Remake, they’re in for a treat. Blending iconic imagery with vastly improved graphics, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s opening sets players up for a pulse-pounding experience. The opening focuses on Midgar as it goes about its day before eventually focusing on the iconic train sequence. Aerith, Cloud, and Barrett all make an appearance like in the original opening. All the while, the game’s new orchestral soundtrack plays in the background.

Final Fantasy VII Remake covers the opening parts of the original game with players controlling Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, and Aerith as they work to bring down the Shinra Corporation. Of course, like the original, more sinister players lie waiting behind-the-scenes. Red XIII was recently revealed to be in the game, but it remains unknown if he’ll be playable.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out April 10 on PS4.