Raw Fury to Help Publish Dystopian Noir Adventure Backbone

Nearly three years ago, Raw Fury decided to assist in publishing The Last Night, an impressive-looking  cyberpunk adventure game. Alas, developer Odd Tales has run into notable legal and funding issues since then that have impeded the game’s development. So now what is a publisher like them to do when it comes to providing gamers with a 2D adventure game that has jaw-dropping pixel art and a unique dystopian world? Well, enter EggNut with Backbone, partnering with Raw Fury. It may contain way more anthropomorphic animals, but it looks to be just as intriguing, if not more so.

Set in a dystopian version of Vancouver, Backbone is a noir adventure that sees you playing as Howard Lotor, a raccoon detective assigned a series of cases that cause him to question the world around him. It isn’t exactly hard to see why Raw Fury was heavily interested in a game such as this, as the game’s demo, Backbone: Prologue, has received mounds of positives reviews from all sorts of players. And as seen in the trailer below, the hi-bit graphics, impressive soundtrack, intriguing gameplay and more certainly provide additional reasons as well. Backbone won’t hit consoles and PC until 2021, but it looks to be worth the wait.