Screenshot Saturday Featuring Mayhem in Single Valley, Monster Train, More

Well, it’s that time yet again. Not just time for Screenshot Saturday, but also the time when events such as PAX East, GDC, and EGX Rezzed are all set to happens soon in quick succession. As such, it definitely feels like developers and publishers are working overtime to get any games that might pop up at these gatherings some notable coverage and hype going, even via the simple trick of using the #screenshotsaturday tag to promote these works in progress. That means a lot more notable games over these next several weeks, and as usual, we’ve gathered together a showcase of some of the more notable ones for our readers to check out! So without further ado…

Mayhem in Single Valley- Well sure, this is how one gets around in Single Valley now, but it presumably didn’t involve much navigating around (or through) hazardous materials until the accident that also produced a ton of radioactive animals. But hey, if it wasn’t for that accident, we also wouldn’t have what appears to be a strong Zelda-like game with some unique quirks, so maybe the occasional killer bear is worth it.

Monster Train- Strangely, this is only the second most sinister-looking cat that also happens to be a shopkeeper based out of a train that I’ve seen in the past year. But this one does have the added benefit of assisting Hell’s minions in protecting their train from evil angelic forces by selling them cards they can use for deck-building. And if they’re still creeping you out, well, the game does look quite interesting, so yeah, maybe consider the wishlist addition anyway…

Mallory- Yes, this is a tweet from last week, but I’m kicking myself for not noticing it then, so allow me to apologize and add it to this week’s edition. Not much is known about the game itself other than it apparently being a story-driven adventure game about friendship, but the amazing artwork and simple yet cool character designs immediately grab your attention, so here’s hoping we see more soon.

ScourgeBringer- Speaking of things we missed last week to kick ourselves over, Flying Oak’s incredibly impressive roguelike action-platformer entered Early Access with a new trailer that featured some rather gorgeous animation, so let’s also correct that mistake right now and also heavily suggest you head over to the Steam page to check out the trailer. Oh, and to pick up the game, of course.

Black Skylands- So this makes two games this week that happen to be published by tinyBuild, as it suddenly seems like all of the games they’re working with are joining in on Screenshot Saturday. And as long as they contain interesting stuff, such as an open-world RPG with airship battle, fast-paced gunfights, and indeed, bosses straight out of classic arcade games, I’m not one to complain.

Lethal Running- Yeah, when you’re competing in a dystopian game show, it’s probably best to be alert at all times, or at least to be able to find a more discreet spot for breaks. Then again, you also can’t have TV competitions like this without drama, and a mass robbery is probably the type of thing that easily brings in the ratings.

Norco: Faraway Lights- A classic point-and-click game that sees you attempting to solve the mystery of your brother’s disappearance in Southern Louisiana, where you’ll explore swamplands, suburbs, New Orleans and more…all with a security cyborg one your side that’s currently on the lam. Did we mention that there’s a cyberpunk twist as well, as seen here? And that the developer has a Patreon page, if you want to help out?

Floppy Knights- Well, a deck-building strategy game where you summon units from floppy disks while accompanied by a bionic arms that serves as your BFF was probably enough to grab my attention, especially with the artist from Dicey Dungeons on board…but now you have wavy text as well?? That’s just a cherry on top, plain and simple.

Wildspeakers- All we have to go on right now is that this is a hybrid of farming and adventure/RPG games, where you play as some sort of spirit. But so far things certainly seem to be extremely attractive, as evidenced by this breathtaking valley. And hey, in a game about farming, it certainly does pay to make your vegetation look as good as possible…

Sometimes Always Monsters- …Honestly, I don’t have much more to add to this. They kind of already made it clear here why this is one damn impressive curio shop thanks to its detail, and that such effort is why this cross-country life simulator will likely be worth checking out. Bravo!