Churn the Wheels from Mud to Snow in SnowRunner Release Date Trailer

Waging a high pressure campaign involving the survival of all humanity gets exhausting after a while, to the point that settling into the routine of slow, steady progress in a world where the only enemy is the terrain is a welcome relief.  Crazed action for ever-higher stakes is all very exciting but satisfaction can come from moving at slow speeds too, and very few games made fighting for inches more engaging than SpinTires: MudRunner.  You had a truck and an untamed landscape with dirt tracks running through it, technically a road if you’re feeling particularly generous, and the weight of the vehicle and its load is far outside of what the earth is ready to carry.  It doesn’t take much to get the wheels mired in the dirt, and adding water to the mix makes it even trickier.  There aren’t a lot of games where a giant truck loses to a puddle but somehow MudRunner made it work, especially when the result was needing to get another truck with a winch to pull the first one from the mire.  There’s more treacherous terrain than mud, though, and that’s where the sequel comes in.

SnowRunner is basically MudRunner 2, bigger and colder.  Forty vehicles, multiple new add-ons like tire chains, and a color palette that doesn’t seem like it was run through the grey-ifier add up to a bigger, better, brighter wilderness adventure.  The SpinTires name is gone thanks to publisher changes but the new trailer shows that the popularity of the original has been rewarded with a sharper presentation.  Details like the heavy impact of a truck landing on its roof after falling off a cliff, the many checkpoints on the area map, or watching vehicles in the garage flip through customization options show some nice quality-of-life upgrades, not to mention up to four-player multiplayer support.  The wilderness is huge and deeply inconvenient, and survival is a matter of working around it rather than bending the terrain to your will, but whether alone of with friends SnowRunner promises the satisfaction of a dangerous day’s work well spent.

The new trailer has the release date, April 28, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.