Gone Fishin’ With Among Ripples: Shallow Waters Kickstarter Launch

Fish aren’t known for their large brains, so anyone with bait and patience can pull a couple out of the water.  Creating an environment for them to thrive in, however, is a very different matter.   Any number of factors can contribute to environmental failure, from oxygenation to pollution, breeding grounds to food supply.  Among Ripples was originally a freeware side-view pond-management game back in 2015, still available on Steam, and its sequel is bigger and more 3D-er even in its very early state.  The Kickstarter launched today, complete with a large prototype demo, and the game is a peaceful round of watery ecological management.  While fish are the most common species you also need to lay down algae to generate oxygen, clams to process pollutants, various types of plants, and even breeding grounds.  Bigger fish want smaller fish to snack on, and you can watch them go about their business chasing each other once you’ve got a nice population going.  Once the pond is too small for its growing population you can use the cash from research to terraform, connecting one body of water to another or just making the terrain an interesting shape.  A thriving pond is more than just fish and plants, though, so various other species like ducks and otters make the landscape more lively.

The Among Ripples: Shallow Waters Kickstarter is off to a decent start, clearing 11% of its goal already.  The prototype is a bit rough around the edges (being a prototype and all) but still nicely playable, so head over to the campaign page and give it a look.