Google Extends Stadia Support to Additional Android Phones

Google today announced Stadia support for an additional nineteen Android phones.

Google Stadia launched back in November with some stunning restrictions. Though a cloud-streaming service, Stadia was restricted to certain devices. While any laptop or desktop could play Stadia, you could only access the service through TVs via the Google Chromecast Ultra. It was worse on mobile devices as only Pixel 2, 3, and 4 devices were compatible. Well, after February 20, Stadia will be a little less restrictive.

Support for ASUS, Razer, and Samsung phones arrives February 20. That support extends to the recently revealed Samsung S20 line. For a full list of supported devices, check out Stadia’s blog.

It’s nice to see Stadia extended to more devices, but a key piece of the puzzle remains missing. Stadia still lacks iOS support, and it’s not clear when that may arrive. Oddly enough, Microsoft announced a Testflight for their competing service, xCloud, on iOS. Considering xCloud has yet to be released, and Stadia has, hopefully Google can get iOS support up and running soon.

Google Stadia is available now as part of a $129.99 Premiere Edition.