Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Storms PCs on February 28

RTS games typically don’t leave a good impression with console audiences. This can be due to issue of technical performance or presentation, but is usually a matter of clunky or even frustrating controls. Even so some of these games are able to overcome these issues and earn themselves a dedicated following. The original Xbox’s Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders was one of these exceptional RTS titles, and it’s finally getting a PC release at the end of the month.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders plays out on two levels: on a large 3D map for grand strategy and army management, and in the thick of battle as one of four hero characters serving either The Dark Legion or the human kingdoms. This newly remastered version of the game offers fans widescreen HD support and their choice of using either a controller or keyboard and mouse to guide the course of each battle.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders launches for PC on February 28.