Morgana Breaks Down the Basics of Persona 5 Royal in New Trailer

Despite enjoying wild popularity and success since releasing in 2017, Persona 5 still belongs to a relatively niche genre and so many gamers out there still haven’t had the chance to enjoy it. This could possibly be part of the reason why Atlus is publishing the enhanced Persona 5 Royal at the end of March. There’s quite a bit in it for existing fans to look forward to, but newcomers might still find themselves lost without getting a bit of context first. Fortunately, Morgana is here to give everyone a quick overview of all the general concepts and new features to be found in Persona 5 Royal. Check it out below:

Persona 5 Royal is introducing several new characters, personas and features into the original Persona 5. New characters include newly-minted Phantom Thief Kasumi, the mysterious Jose and new confidant Maruki, all of which are there to help Joker and the other Phantom Thieves on their quest. New personas like “Hunting Puss in Boots” might be able to lend Joke new powers, and new locations like Kijijoji and the Theives Den will provide players more opportunities to hang out with the rest of the gang. Indeed, Persona 5 Royal is shaping up to be a real contender for the year’s biggest JRPG. So, definitely make sure to get all the essential info and not let this one pass by again.

Persona 5 Royal launches for PlayStation 4 on March 31. Check out our review of the original for a more complete explanation of the game’s story and basic mechanics.