Pumpkin Jack Set For Petrifying Platforming Later This Year

We’ve seen some notable indie titles in recent years like A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee that have tried to channel the spirit of late ’90s collect-a-thon platformers, but what about the more action-oriented platformers of the early-to-mid-2000s that followed? Well, developer Nicolas Meyssonnier has been working on filling in that hole with Pumpkin Jack, a game directly inspired by the likes of Jak and Daxter. And now Headup Games will assist in publishing Nicolas’ work, which should hopefully help it out quite a bit.

Pumpkin Jack takes place in the Boredom Kingdom, which has now become notably less boring after it annoyed the Devil so much that he cast the Curse of the Eternal Night on the whole land. But now the humans have a wizard ready to bring them back to their banal world, so the Devil has summoned our titular hero, Jack the Pumpkin Lord, in order to stop them. As seen in the trailer below, players can look forward to a colorful universe and cast within it, a nice variety of gameplay and puzzles, and some fun combat. Pumpkin Jack will come out in Q4 2020 for all major platforms, hopefully meaning that there’s a chance for an appropriate release window around Halloween.