PAX East 2020 Pin Quest Affected Due to Coronavirus

PAX East 2020 has bit hit quite hard this week due to COVID-19, AKA the Coronavrius. First Sony pulled out of the show over concerns related to the virus, choosing to prioritize the health and safety of their workers (they also pulled out of GDC the next day, along with Facebook/Oculus VR), taking out one of the convention’s biggest booths. This left many planning to attend disappointed, though the majority understood why Sony left. And now, today it was revealed that the traditional PAX East Pin Quest has been affected due to the coronavirus as well.

The Pin Quest is a staple of every PAX, with a selection of exhibitors offering up a large selection of newly-designed enamel pins (under the “Pinny Arcade” label) to either be purchased or earned through various means, with attendees encouraged to trade with other attendees, PA staff, and Enforcers, some shows even having dedicated booths for trading. Unfortunately, much like a lot of tech manufacturing which has also been affected by this disaster, the Pinny Arcade pins are manufactured in China, the source of the coronavirus, hence manufacturing has been disrupted as supply lines are affected.

An official statement on the Pinny Arcade site provides more details, saying “…we won’t be able to bring as broad a selection of Pinny Arcade pins as you’re used to.” As such, news concerning which pins will be available at PAX East 2020 has been delayed to February 26 – the day before PAX East officially begins – in order to assess which pins can be brought to the event in confidence. No pin designs have been leaked beforehand, but exhibitors which were set to feature official pins include Double Fine, Annapurna Games, Team17, Private Division, and DotEmu, among others.