Perform Outer Space Salvage in Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Regardless of how much advancement the human race makes when it comes to outer space travel, exploration, and colonization in the future, let’s be honest: Not every space-faring career is going to be a glamorous one. Case in point, salvage. Developers¬†Blackbird Interactive (the folks behind Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and the upcoming Homeworld 3) have teamed up with Focus Home Interactive to bring us Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a new first-person sandbox game about being a “cutter” for LYNX, a corporation that deals in salvaging large starships. And as seen in the reveal trailer below, it isn’t always an easy job.

The tone of the the trailer certainly evokes the likes of The Outer Worlds or Journey to the Savage Planet, with the cheery, empty promises offered by LYNX. The gameplay will see players using a variety of tools in order to explore ships, gain cargo, and demolish parts if need be (complete with impressive destruction physics). But this can create a variety of hazards, so thankfully there’s a resurrection system in place…that adds to your debt each time. So good luck working it off. Hardspace: Shipbreaker hits Steam Early Access this Summer, and those attending PAX East 2020 next weekend will get the first chance to check it out.