Screenshot Saturday Featuring There Is No Light, GigaBash, More

Well, here it is…the last edition of Screenshot Saturday before PAX East begins next weekend. This likely means that with myself and other HG staff attending, there may not be a feature next week, so consider this a bit of a heads up. Though to be honest, after seeing so much spam abusing the #screenshotsaturday tag today that I had to wade through, I could probably use the vacation. Still, there’s always a notable selection of gems to discover courtesy of developers showcasing bits of their latest work, and thus we still have one more impressive showcase to provide before heading off. So enjoy, and we’ll see you all after PAX East!

GRIME- Well, I suppose the answer to this question depends on which part of this unique metroidvania game we’re up to by the time this figure shambles around. If it’s later on in the game when we’ve earned more skills and attacks, I’d charge right at them. Otherwise, it would likely be the more realistic approach of running like hell.

There Is No Light- Speaking of things to run away from quickly, we also have this charming, screen-filling fellow. Bonus for them being the boss in a roguelike game, meaning that they’re likely bringing a nice and hefty challenge along with them as well. Still, they’re going to be the demo’s boss, so no getting around them…

GigaBash- Okay, this is just unfair. There need to be laws against putting a character this adorable in a game, because it all but forces me to include them here, which is too easy a way in. Luckily, though, this kaiju arena brawler looks quite spiffy in several other areas as well, so it earns a pass for now.

Pumpkin Jack- Yes, it’s another one of those cases in Screenshot Saturday where the screenshot featured is actually a full video. But when you have a Jak and Daxter-inspired platformer about a pumpkin lord that looks as impressive as this, wouldn’t you want you show off as much of it as you can at once?

Tunche- Well, that’s a lot of awe-inspiring animation of amphibian ass-kickings right there. And while it may feel tempting to feel sorry for the little guys, you do need to make it seem as attractive and fun for a beat-’em-up like this, especially when demoing the game for everyone who drops by. And it looks like mission accomplished.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy- I mean true, it’s a joke, but when you have environments that look this impressive, damn straight I’m going to want to get as close as possible in order to view all of their glory. Plus, it helps to memorize environmental hazards should we ever need to lure any enemies into them…

Witchmarsh- You know, it occurs to me that if this RPG game does indeed take place in the 1920s/Jazz Age, then there’s likely a chance that prohibition may be in effect. So would supernatural detectives be obliged to bust ghosts for running what appears to be a possible bar or speakeasy? Maybe not, but I’d imagine it further adds to the fun.

Yes, Your Grace- Well, on one hand, given that eras of history such as Medieval times are seen as having some particularly nasty diseases, a king taking a hands-on approach to assisting with their subjects’ health seems like a bit of a bad idea. But really, how often do you get to experience what an itchy peasant’s face feels like? Count me in!

Bonfire Peaks- So this title describes itself as an open-world puzzle game about climbing ancient ruins and setting fire to your belongings along the way, all depicted with impressive voxel graphics…and just like that, I’m automatically hooked. Hell, even this simple clip here clearly has a ton of hard work put into it.

Get In The Car, Loser!- The co-creator of the award-winning Ladykiller in a Bind returns with an RPG where a quartet of heroes set out to stop the Machine Devil and his cultists from spreading terror across the world…that just happens to take the form of a colorful lesbian road trip. So it definitely looks unique, charming, full of clever writing and, as seen here, quality combat, so it’s likely a trip worth taking.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder- Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the most exciting moment from this promising steampunk action-platformer, but it still shows off some rather stunning pixel art. Plus, you still have to save at least some mystery for your PAX East demo, right?