One Step From Eden Gets PC, Switch Release Date

The Mega Man Battle Network series has lied dormant for many years and there haven’t been any official attempts to revive it – even with re-releases on modern platforms. As if often the case, this leads to fan creations having to fill the void left by a beloved series, but unlike many, this homage actually creates its own unique IP. Beyond ensuring that the project stays alive legally, this also allows for more options in the long-run if the IP is a success. One Step From Eden has had a demo available for quite some time and even in that form, scratched the itch for a sice-scrolling action-centric card battle game.

Today Humble Bundle announced that Thomas Moon Kang’s game will get a release on both PC and Switch on March 26. For PC users, this gives them a chance to enjoy a deck-building game that is unlike anything else. Switch owners haven’t had a lot to choose from in that regard either, but with so many Mega Man and Mega Man-style games on that platform, it really does feel like a natural fit for it. PC users can get the game on either Steam or from the Humble Store, while Switch owners can grab it from the eShop.