Too Many Blades and Not Enough Scientists in Disc Room Reveal Trailer

One day a giant disc appeared orbiting high above the clouds of Jupiter.  Humans are incredibly nosy creatures, incapable of leaving well enough alone, so in a very short period of time a scientist was dispatched to investigate.  The expedition made sense on the surface, because that disc could be anything- alien spy satellite, focal point for laser-zappy death weapon, intergalactic frisbee, you name it.  What it actually turned out to be, however, was a giant arena swarming with vicious sawblades, any one of which is enough to turn a single whole inquisitive scientist into a scattered collection of bloody spare parts.

The thing about scientists, both in real life and Devolver’s new game Disc Room, is they learn.  Dying can teach new abilities, from slowing time, creating clones, or dashing through the razor-bladed evisceration arena.  Disc Room is an arena dodge-em-up where death makes you stronger, which in turn means you get to survive long enough to get a sense that there’s something bigger and more puzzling going on than a simple maze of sawblades.  The heart of the giant disc holds a secret of some sort and the only way to learn it is to die a lot.

Disc Room is coming out some time in 2020 and debuting at PAX East in just a couple of days.