Beautiful Desolation Bringing Isometric Action to GOG, Steam Tomorrow

Post-apocalyptic games have been a big deal for the past decade or so thanks to things like Fallout making that setting quite popular. The Brotherhood is showing off their version of a post-apocalyptic world with Beautiful Desolation. It’s set in an ’80s-looking world and has 2D isometric gameplay. You have a good mix of action and puzzles here set in an African-inspired world.

The environments look fantastic, with a lot of tiny details in things like bridges and towers. You can pick Beautiful Desolation up on 2/26 from either Steam or GOG. Getting it on GOG allows you to get a DRM-free version of the game that you can use anywhere without having to worry about DRM affecting your experience — and you can still launch it via Steam or GOG’s own Galaxy launcher too.