Samurai Shodown Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Since the early ’90s, Samurai Shodown has crafted some of the best weapon-based fighting game memories. For almost three decades, fans have been able to slice and dice enemies with great ease, and after a nearly decade-long absence, the series returned with a successful soft reboot in 2019. Today, this version of the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital formats. Pre-buying the Switch version got you the ability to play the Neo Geo Pocket Color version of Samurai Shodown 2 as well, marking the first time an NGPC game has been ported from that platform.

Physical pre-orders (or just first-run copies) also get a free controller skin — so there’s plenty of incentive to be an early adopter. Until March 17, there is also a 15% discount on the first season pass too. The first pass features Wan-Fu, Rimururu, Basara and Kazuki Kazama – offering new ways to play. Down the line, free DLC will be added in the form of Shizumaru Hisame. Both versions are available now for $49.99 and if you have picked up a ton of the ACA Samurai Shodown games, it makes for a great way to have a definitive SamSho platform and be able to enjoy the series at home and on the go.