Sayonara Wild Hearts Completes Console Triad, Now Available on Xbox One

Going into 2020, there was only one common platform that Simogo’s brief-but-brilliant Sayonara Wild Hearts wasn’t on. Following its initial release on PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices (being one of the first games to feature as part of Apple’s then brand new subscription service, Apple Arcade) and eventually making its way to PC a couple of weeks before Christmas, the game has today landed on the only console left: the Xbox One.

Now no one has an excuse to ignore what we ourselves considered to be one of the best games of last year. A stylish, synth pop-accompanied “runner” of sorts with all manner of genres spliced together in parts, in what was one of 2019’s genuinely unique titles and a game we’d been eagerly awaiting for some time.  If you need a more comprehensive break-down of why developer Simogo’s latest is so good, be sure to read up on our review right here.