Team17 Unveil Age-Manipulating Puzzle-Platformer Ageless

Malaysian-based developer One More Dream Studios are jumping into the realm of video game production this year via the puzzle-platformer genre, with their debut outing Ageless. Team17 have announced they will be publishing the game — slated to launch sometime later this year — and have released the first teaser of what the gameplay may look like. As its premise alludes to, Ageless centers around main character Kiara whom, with the aid of a magical bow, can manipulate living organisms around her so far as their age is concerned. Forcing them to undergo large chunks of their life-span in mere moments.

In the case of actual gameplay, this of course serves the puzzle element of Ageless — requiring players to use some quick reflexes and careful aiming to have plants and animals alike grow to get past obstacles and infinite drops alike. Check out the trailer below to get a better idea of the game’s aesthetic as well as some brief snap-shots of how the main age-manipulating gimmick plays out. Ageless is planned to release for both Nintendo Switch & PC.