Two Point Hospital Branches Out to Consoles, Expanded Features Coming March 31

Two Point Hospital launches for consoles today, which means all those controller-wielding healthcare enthusiasts out there finally have their chance to shine. This version of Two Point Studios’ spiritual successor to Theme Hospital comes with many of the features added to the PC original already baked-in and ready to go.  This includes the game’s first two DLC packs: Pebberly Island and Bigfoot.

Additional features will be coming to this console-based version of Two Point Hospital on March 31. Of these, the most exciting are “Sandbox Mode” and “The Superbug Initiative.” Sandbox Mode allows players to design and build their hospitals without the usual limitations found in the main game. “The Superbug Initiative,” on the other hand, consists of challenges posed to the entire online Two Point Hospital community. The more of these challenges players complete, the more in-game rewards they’ll unlock.

Two Point Hospital is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review a full breakdown of the basics.