PlatinumGames Opens New Studio in Tokyo

In what is the third of their Platinum4 announcements, PlatinumGames have today unveiled the opening of a second studio alongside the developer’s already-established base in Osaka, Japan. Based in the nation’s capital Tokyo, the aim — as studio head, Atsushi Inaba, describes — is to provide the springboard with which the team can expand beyond the action-orientated, single-player games the studio is renowned for. Describing this new venture as “console live ops development”.

“Going forward, we’re looking to expand into new genres and styles of play.
Inaba explains. “One of these new challenges for us is console live ops game development. These aren’t games we’d work on until they were done, and that’s all – rather, we’d continue working on them to provide new content long after release. We want to explore this ongoing development pattern in the home console space.”

Neither Inaba nor PlatinumGames themselves go on to elaborate on whether this new venture will be based on entirely-independant projects or will instead be in supporting already-established IP’s from other publishers. While the intention with the studio’s expansion is to explore such new genres, the team also state that the Tokyo studio is also committed to developing the kind of action-orientated titles the studio is known for alongside their main Osaka headquarters. Confirming that it’s assisting with all three of the developer’s already-announced projects: Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall and yesterday’s second-of-four Platinum4 announcements: Project G.G. The latter of which is the first game to be directed by Hideki Kamiya himself since 2013’s The Wonderful 101 whose crowdfunded, multi-platform remaster is not too far from release. Launching first in North America across PS4, Switch & PC, on May 19.