The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Confirmed for Summer 2020 Release

Supermassive Games  confirmed today that the next entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, will be seeing release sometime during summer this year. This time the story will follow four college students and their professor after they get trapped in the abandoned town of Little Hope. Pursued by horrific visions and enveloped in an impassable fog, the group must work together to discover the secret of the town or probably die trying. Some teaser footage can be seen in the video below, but only after skipping to about the two minute mark.

The Dark Pictures Anthology got off to an okay start with Man of Medan, so it falls on Little Hope to prove that the series is capable of delivering an experience of a similar caliber to 2015’s Until Dawn. Its Silent Hill-esque setup could definitely make that happen, but only if Supermassive Games can bring out its full potential.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope launches in Summer 2020.