Console Versions Announced for Hardspace: Shipbreaker

PC gamers won’t be the only ones to live out their space salvager fantasies once Hardspace: Shipbreaker hits the market. They’ll be getting it first via Steam Early Access, but PS4 and Xbox One players will be right there alongside them once the completed game is released.

Upon signing up with the Lynx corporation in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, players will find themselves in a situation not unlike that of new arrivals in any Animal Crossing game. They’ve been saddled with a massive amount of debt, and the only way out is to work one’s tail off. Unlike Animal Crossing though, players’ work involves purchasing derelict space ship hulks and cutting them apart from raw materials.

It’s a simple job in theory, but any seasoned salvager knows that those credits don’t come without enduring a few fatal accidents first. Really, so long as the salvage value outstrips the cost of resurrection, then that debt will get paid down in no time. Hardspace: Shipbreaker features the power to cut just about anything within a highly-detailed physics simulation as well as regular and interesting upgrades to keep the job feeling fresh. Space is often wonderous, but that isn’t always the case; some people aren’t out there to explore. Indeed, some are just there to do a job.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker releases for PC on Steam Early Access this Summer. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions do not yet have a release window.