Fanatical Launches Codemasters Mixer Bundle

Codemasters has crafted some of the great racing games of the last 15 years – and now you can try some of them out for a dirt-cheap $5 thanks to the Codemasters Mixer Bundle on Fanatical. This bundle nets you DIRT Rally, GRID Autosport alongside two DLC packs, Overlord, Toybox Turbos, Rise of the Argonauts, Damnation, Maelstrom, and Hospital Tycoon. So you get a nice mix of action, simulation, strategy, and tons of racing here. DIRT Rally is a top-shelf game on its own, while anyone who loved the old Micro Machines games will enjoy Toybox Turbos. GRID Autosport is a fine simulation-style racer and with extra content, it will have an even longer shelf life for newcomers.