First Part of Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack DLC Now Available

Luigi’s Mansion 3 launched last Halloween – and we loved it. The core single-player experience is perfectly in-tune with the prior entries, while the world variety is more diverse than most first-party Nintendo games. The first part of the Multiplayer Pack is now available to extend the life of the game. $9.99 gets you the entire pack – both part 1 now and 2 when it comes out in the summer. Part 1 gets you three new minigames for the multiplayer ScreamPark mode alongside six new themed ghosts and three outfits for Luigi.

One has him dressing a bit like Arthur from Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, the other sees him don a green jumpsuit with a giant Elvis hairdo, and the third showcases a mummy-bandaged Luigi alongside a pink hat. ScareScraper also gains three new floor themes in ScareScraper mode. For $10, there’s a lot of content here if you’ve played through the main game and use the multiplayer modes extensively. Buying the DLC also gets you the in-game Flashlight Type-P that allows you to make a Polterpup shape on walls.