Logitech G, Embody Team Up for Personalized Audio Experience

Logitech has announced that it has acquired a partnership with the personal spatial audio company known as Embody. Together, the two will offer personal spatial audio that contours to each individual to make sure players are maximizing their audio experience. The technology is called Immerse, and is now available for players. A 14-day trial is also available to see if Immerse will work for you. The Logitech G version of Immersion introduces Close Combat Mode. This will allow players to pull in the sound field closer to them.

“The challenge of giving spatial awareness of sound using headsets has persisted for decades. The folds and shape of the outer ear are unique to each individual and change the way we hear the sounds around us. Hence the need for a Personalized Spatial Audio solution,” said Kapil Jain, CEO of Embody. “With Immerse, it is sound crafted for you, not for the masses. We’re excited to work with Logitech G to bring this innovative technology to their gaming headset users worldwide.”

Immerse uses machine learning algorithms and data science to create a model of your auditory system from a picture of your ear taken with a mobile phone–in less than 60 seconds. With this model of your unique hearing anatomy, Immerse places location-specific sound around you, with stunning accuracy. It delivers Personalized Spatial Audio and virtually transports you in the game so you hear the precise location of your enemies or where your friends are hiding before they hear you.

There are three subscription plans for using the Immerse service. Players can pay monthly for only $2.99, yearly for $14.99, or pay for five years for $39.99. A list of compatible Logitech G headsets are listed below. The trial for Immerse is through the Embody website.