Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Guide: Furor Savage (Ifrit and Garuda)

Here we have the second of four raids in the latest 5.2 update. The first being a revamped Ramuh, and the second the dynamic duo of Ifrit and Garuda. While the latter looks similar as the original design, Ifrit has seen a complete rework. It still looks like a demon, but it has a more humanoid form. Regardless, the second savage raid is a tricky one. The mechanics are demanding in comparison to the first fight, and requires a lot of adjustments and movement.


  • Assign intercardinal positions. Tanks and healers need to be paired with a DPS. This will be your spot around the arena.
  • Assign an “anchor” for the fourth phase. This is someone who will always go either east or west, and their partner (who is tethered to them) will follow them while the other team will go in the opposite direction.
  • Tanks need to decide who is taking the north and south tornadoes in the fourth phase.

Phase 1: Garuda

Superstorm – Raid-wide.

Occluded Front – Summons two orbs on the side of the arena that will send out line attacks.

Storm of Fury – This will tether all four DPS. Simply go to your designated spot and outside of the giant AOE around Garuda. Do NOT bring the tether across the Occluded Front line. It will get cut and the cone AOE will target someone at random. It has worked in our favor once, but by sheer luck.

Stacks – These require two people to be in one. Just like above, DPS be on their intercadinal positions with their partner sharing the blow. You will get a magical vulnerability. Move out after it goes off as it will leave a puddle that will kill anyone stuck in it. If you do not stack with your partner, you will go flying into the air and die.

Ferostorm – What could be the single deadliest attack in the entire fight, Garuda will put down two green, almost translucent nails around her. These will explode outward in a cone attack that, if you’re ill placed, you will get caught and die.

Stacks – Garuda will put up even more puddles. The only twist is that now there’s a giant knockback from the center (if you stand in the blue, you will die). It’s best to Surecast/Arm’s Length here for uptime. Otherwise it’s the same as the first puddles.

Vacuum Slice – Garuda will split the arena into two. Either north to south or east to west; it’s completely random. What DPS need to do is be on the side with their assigned intercadinal position, otherwise there’s a decent chance you’ll wipe the party (you can still work through it, but it’s not ideal). Also, don’t touch the big line of black death.

Occluded Front – There will be seven orbs summoned on the field. Depending on the side you’re on, there will be two different formations

  • Four Orbs – You’ll need to position yourself far on the outside. The furthest orbs will be sucked into the void so it’s an easy dodge.
  • Three Orbs – You’ll need to position yourself near the edge of the arena again, but now in-between two of the orbs. You’ll be sucked in and if you’re positioned correctly you’ll just avoid the two blasts.

Ferostorm – Watch out for this as it will happen immediately following when you’re sucked inward.

Phase 2: Ifrit

Proximity Blast – The transition into Ifrit starts with a proximity blast. Simply move away from it, but you don’t have to go too far. It doesn’t do a whole lot of damage even at a medium distance.

Hands of Flame / Instant Incineration – Two (technically three) part Tankbuster. Pop your invuln or tank swap. The latter is preferred for up time because if you invuln you will be staggered and knocked into the sky for a few seconds. Hands of Flame also drops a large AOE puddle below the person it hits, so DPS must be at most max melee range.

Meteor Strike – When Instant Incineration hits, Ifrit will start casting this. He will jump up and slam where the tank last was positioned. So that Tank needs to move out of the way fast. It goes without saying no one should be near this.

Inferno Howl – Raid-wide. Ideally the main tank should position Ifrit near the middle of the arena.

Hands of Hell (Tanks/Healers) – Ifrit will put four tethers on one healer. Tanks and the other healer must intersect these tethers and spread out. Ifrit will perform a dash attack on all four and drop large puddles below the players. If you are hit by two of these, you will be concussed and unable to move. Ultimately, you will die from the explosion. The best strategy is to make tanks and healers go north.

Strike Spark – This requires a little bit of brain power. Ifrit will summon down four copies of himself around the arena, each looking in a certain direction. You will need to determine the chain as each will kick a fireball of death away (or at least most will; a couple can be positioned to be looking outward and not kicking). Just look for the lonely little Ifrit who is not getting a ball kicked to. Before you move to that spot, though, you will need to bait AOE puddles in the middle. As soon as they go off, head over the safe spot.

Hands of Hell (DPS) – This is the same as the first, but instead of tanks and healers, a random DPS will get the tethers. The other three DPS will need to grab these tethers and spread out. If you assigned tanks and healers north, DPS should be south. Same mechanics apply. Don’t overlap to avoid getting stunned, and they will drop big puddles.

Hands of Flame / Instant Incineration – The three part tankbuster once more to finish off this phase.

Meteor Strike – Again, avoid where Ifrit is slamming and you’ll be fine.

Phase 3: Ifrit + Garuda

Hated of the Vortex / Hated of Embers – Garuda and Ifrit will enter the fray together. Depending who you’re closest to, you will get a debuff that assigns you an enemy to attack. You will do 0 damage on the other.

Occluded Front + Hands of Flame – Garuda will summon two orbs on the sides of the arena. They can go north to south or east to west; it’s random. The Ifrit Tank will get a tether. There are three ways of approaching this.

  • If the tank still have their invuln, they can simply use it before Instant Incineration.
  • If the other tank tank-swaps after the first Hands of Flame, they can ensure the next strike won’t send you into the stratosphere.
  • If the tank doesn’t do either of these, they will need to cut the tether on one of the Occluded Front lines. This will make Ifrit dash attack a random player. They will get the debuff in favor of the tank, thus avoiding being concussed when the actual tankbuster hits.

Truthfully, I find the third option to be the better of the three.

Vacuum Slice – Position both tanks on a specific side of the arena. It’s not 100% necessary, but ensures the attack after Vacuum Slice can be easily dodged.

Occluded Front + Eruption – Garuda will summon seven orbs on the field once again. You’ll need to dodge accordingly, but there are two major new mechanics at play now. Firstly, you’ll see a second Ifrit spawn and position themselves next to an orb. They will be kicking that orb in the direction they’re facing. You’ll need to adjust based on this. Also, before moving to that location, you need to bait the Eruption attack (puddles on everyone) in the middle in front of Garuda.

Ferostorm – This is why you should have both tanks on one side. If you’re far away from Garuda, this attack has a decent chance of hitting and killing you. Having him close to everyone allows you to see and identify where you need to move to avoid the attack.

Phase 4: Raktapaksa

Hands of Hell (Tanks and Healers) – This is mostly the same as Ifrit’s original attack, but has a slightly different after effect. Healers and tanks go north once more and spread out. The original Ifrit you didn’t need to drag the tether too far, but this time you’ll need to find a decent middle ground of not too close and not too far. He will drop puddles like normal, but also cover 95% of the arena in damage that will kill anyone stuck in it. You’ll need to book it to the small safe area it leaves open and watch out for any puddles if someone didn’t bring their tether far enough.

Hands of Hell (DPS) – This is exactly the same, but DPS need to go in the opposite direction. It’s imperative that you don’t get hit twice. The second phase you could take a tether on each Hands of Hell. This time you cannot lest you wish to die in a fiery display.

Inferno Howl – Raid-wide.

Stacks + Ferostorm – Get to your partner, soak it and get ready to move out of the puddle. At the same time, you need to look for the Ferostorm nails. As soon as the puddles form, you need to get to a safe spot around Raktapaska to avoid the large cone AOE.

Strike Spark
– This is exactly the same as the first, but there’s a small difference: The clone Raktapaska can’t kick a ball to the middle. So there might be what looks like an opening when in reality the fireball will not move. Regardless, just follow the chain of clones once more to find the lonely one that no one is kicking their ball to.

Hands of Flame – At the same time, Raktapaksa is charging up a dash attack on the main tank. When the bombs go off, have that tank move towards Ifrit to avoid everyone getting hit and given a debuff. This will also drop a large AOE puddle below the tank’s feet, so be aware you might need to move away from it fast.

Instant Incineration / Meteor Strike – Continuing with the three part tankbuster, this should be handled the same as the second and third phases.

Knockback – Watch out for the giant blue knockback. If you stay in it you will die, and you will wipe the party in doing so. Ideally at this point, you want his health to be below 30%.

Conflag Strike
– Tanks and healers will be tethered together while DPS will be tethered to one another. Raktapaksa will leave two little spots open on the field. Tanks and healers should be on the west one, while the DPS should be east. This is where things get tricky.

  • DPS: You will be baiting the Occluded Front orbs on the side. There are three sets of two. Starting east, slowly inch your way up, not moving too far from the person you’re tethered to and not letting the line intersect your chain. If your tether breaks, both of you will die.
  • Tanks: Get close to your assigned flame tornado. You need to go into the smallest corner of the tornado as this will unleash a giant fire cone in your direction. Mitigate like crazy.
  • Healers: You will need to follow your tank and heal them as they’re getting hit. They will need to position themselves to the side of the tornado but not too close to grab aggro and not too close getting hit by the tank’s cone.

Conflag Strike Stacks – To make things even more crazy, as the firestorms and Occluded Front orbs finish, puddles will go out and the only safe area is a small zone under the boss. This can be a bit chaotic but if you have an anchor, you shouldn’t have much problem.

  • DPS: The anchor will call which direction they will go. Either east or west. The person tethered to him will go with him while the other two will be go in the opposite direction. It’s not hard to get a little disoriented where you are in the zone, but just remember you’re coming from east and moving slowly to west.
  • Tanks and Healers: These two groups will always stick together. Simply take the spots of their tornado locations, so all they need to do is come in and not worry about placement too much. North tornado will be north, south tornado will be south.

As soon as these go off, immediately get behind Raktapaska as Conflag Strike will finish casting. This is a massive attack that covers roughly 80% of the arena in front of him and to his side. Only the pizza slice directly behind will be safe.

Occluded Front – This is a three-parter. This starts with stacking with your partner. Try to be close to Raktapaska for this one, but if you’re not, it’s not a deal breaker. The four DPS will then get a tether and there will then be a giant AOE around the boss. In addition, the Occluded Front wind orbs will appear. Again, do not cut your tethers. Instead, get out of the puddle you just left with the stack, and after the orbs resolve, get out of the giant AOE to your position.

Inferno Howl – Another raid-wide.

Occluded Front + Hands of Hell (Tanks and Healers) – This is where things might get a bit tricky. There will be four wind orbs creating a small square while the tanks and healers must pick up their tethers from the targeted player. Whatever you do, don’t cut these tethers. Instead, get to your assigned intercardinals while DPS are at max melee range (or a little further for ranged). When the orbs resolve, move back a bit more to give yourself some space from the upcoming dash and then immediately head to the little safe spot Raktapaska left.

Stack + Hands of Hell (DPS)
– This is a part that likes to trip up players. DPS will now have to get a tether and immediately run to their intercadinal positions to soak a stack. Healers be ready with heals and mitigation. There are two different strategies for the next part, but it’s really the same rotation.

  • DPS Move: When the stacks go off, have the DPS move clockwise while the tanks and healers stay put for a second before rushing into the middle.
  • Tanks/Healers Move: When the stacks go off, tanks and healers move to the cardinal positions to avoid the dash attack and then immediately to the middle.

Either one should work; you just gotta be cautious you don’t get too close either wise you’ll be stunned.

Hands of Flame – One tank will be marked with the standard Hands of Flame marker. You will have time after the all of the explosions go off to move away from the group and soak the hit. This will again leave a nasty puddle beneath the tank’s feet.

Soft-Enrage (Ferostorm x2) – You’ve now entered the “soft-enrage” if you want to call it that. Raktapaska will simply cast Ferostorm two times in a row.

Knockback – After the second Ferostorm, you’ll need to look out for a giant blue knockback marker at the edge of the arena somewhere. Be careful not to get knocked into the edges of the arena.

Conflag Strike (Enrage) – After the knockback, Raktapaksa will tepeort away to his sword. He will then begin to cast Conflag Strike, which like the one before it, hits everything that isn’t immediately behind him. Because his back is against the wall, you can’t do anything but hope your DPS is high enough. This is a fast cast, too, and you’ll need it down to at least 2% health as the cast bar begins to fill.


Congratulations! You have defeated this nasty duo. This will make Ramuh feel like a cakewalk only because melee DPS uptime is trickier, making the DPS check at the end a little tighter. The mechanics themselves are easy to comprehend, even though the Conflag portion can trip some up. Regardless, hopefully this guide has helped you take down Raktapaksa (who I have call Rock-the-Pasta) and you’re on your way to the flock of Sineaters known as Iconoclasm Savage.