Freedom Finger Flying Straight and True to Console Release

Stress comes in more flavors and varieties than ever before but there are always ways to deal with it.  Screaming with rage isn’t generally considered socially acceptable, but flying a ship that simultaneously flips off alien invaders while blasting them to pieces makes for a nice substitute.  Freedom Finger came out last year and it’s a brilliant shooter, utilizing its hand-ship to do far more than just form a rude gesture.  Every enemy ship is a potential weapon, able to be grabbed and its firepower turned back on the level, and when you’ve had enough of its shot style the disposable enemy can be used as a shield or thrown back as a highly damaging projectile.  Even if the shooting was only ok, the soundtrack alone would make Freedom Finger a must-play, but together they make for forty hand-crafted levels of killer horizontal-shooting badassery.

Freedom Finger initially launched on PC and Switch but today saw the announcement of its release for the remaining consoles, PS4 and Xbox One.  This also comes with new levels and music, both of which will be added to the other versions on day of release on March 24.  There’s a new trailer to celebrate the pending release, so give it a look below.