See How Relationships Work in the Newest Sakura Wars Trailer

The members of the Imperial Combat Revue have quite a lot on their shoulders. Not only do must they be able to drop what they’re doing and combat monsters whenever they appear, but they must also find success as entertainers during peace time. All the girls are capable enough in their own right, but it’s going to be the player’s job to get to know them and turn them into an unstoppable team. Choices matter in Sakura Wars, even in areas that aren’t necessarily critical to the mission at hand.

Details have also been released concerning Sakura Wars’ digital deluxe edition. Fans who choose to purchase this version of the game will receive the “Imperial Combat Revue” dynamic PS4 theme, extra background music and four cosmetic dlc bundles:

  • The “Neko Ears” Bundle
  • The Swimsuit Bundle
  • The “Charming Accessories” Bundle
  • The “Legacy of Love” Bundle

More extras have been added to Sakura Wars’ physical release too. Now fans will also get the “Theater Costume” cosmetic DLC bundle in addition to the already announced reversible cover art and sticker set. It all hits the PlayStation 4 on April 28, so fans still have some time to decide which version they want to go with.