Annapurna Reveals I Am Dead, An Afterlife Adventure

Things aren’t going that well for Morris Lupton right now. He just learned that his home, the colorful island of Shelmerston, is now in danger of destroyed by an erupting volcano, which threatens all of the town’s occupants, and would forever bury the beloved museum that he served as the curator of. Oh, and there’s the fact that he’s dead. Such is the setup for I Am Dead, the newly-announced puzzle/adventure game from Annapurna Interactive and developers Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg.

The trailer below gives us our first glimpse of Shelmerston and its inhabitants, as well as a taste of Morris’ newly-learned skill as a ghost. Namely, the fact that he has a form of x-ray vision that allows him to look inside both objects and people, allowing him to view their contents and memories (where applicable). This allows Morris to learn even more about Shelmerston’s past, and hopefully provides him with the key needed to stop the volcano. I Am Dead is set for a release this year on PC and Switch, but unlike several other indie titles shown during Nintendo’s Indie World presentation today, it said it would be a timed exclusive for Switch, not specifying that it’s just a timed console exclusive. So Switch owners should keep definitely an eye out for it later this year.