Indies Get Their Brawl on With Bounty Battle

Not everyone can be Shovel Knight, earning a sweet cameo role in Smash Bros.  Even the most popular indies that can go toe-to-toe with the AAA releases have a hard time earning that kind of representation.  The thing about a party that’s so difficult to get into is that it’s bound to result in another get-together elsewhere, and for this group of indies that’s going to be Bounty Battle.  Bounty Battle was announced today during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, packing the screen with fan-favorite heroes as well as up-and-comers.  High profile fighters like the nameless animated corpse of Dead Cells fight against newbies such as the the Shield Maiden from Eitr or the cloaked adventurer of Doko Roko.  Nuclear Throne’s fishman can go up against The Bug Butcher and Axiom Verge’s scientist Trace, and there are even a few original characters to fill in the roster.  It’s a huge cast to play with, and to round it out each has a game-appropriate companion who can help them in battle.

While Bounty Battle doesn’t have a release date it is available to pre-order as both a regular and Signature Edition from Merge games.  For now, though, there’s an announcement trailer, and that will have to be enough to lessen the wait.