Piloting the Death Kayak with Phantom: Covert Ops Release Date Trailer

One of the lovely things about gaming is it doesn’t have to make sense.  So long as the idea works, what’s it matter?  Phantom: Covert Ops is a stealth action VR game set in, of all places, a kayak.  It’s an idea that at first sounds bizarre and then, as you think about it, makes perfect sense.  Sit in a chair in real life, sit in a kayak in the game.  It removes a layer of disconnect between perceived movement and actual player movement that’s been one of the major goals in VR gaming.  Titles like Beat Saber and SuperHot get around it by the player standing mostly still, but if you want to sneak around a military base deep in the wetlands then a kayak is your best friend.

Phantom: Covert Ops is a military stealth game that it would be incredibly easy to call Metal Gear Kayak.  The game promises a nice amount of choice in approaching each encounter, whether you use careful paddle-work to steer the kayak from one hiding spot to another or reach for the explosives for a more direct approach.  It’s now also got a release date, coming to Quest and Oculus Rift on June 25.  Give a look to the brand-new trailer below for all your kayak combat needs.